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3 Free Advertising Strategies

Many people and many businesses spend thousands, even millions of dollars a year to attract costumers through advertising. They try everything from internet banners to post cards with usually little result. I have complied a list of 3 extremely effective advertising strategies that I have recently picked up on the web. These are absolutely free or close to free. If you are a small business owner and want cheap/free advertising I would recommend checking out these strategies.

1. This is an absolutely free way to advertise on the web with minimal work. Ezine thanks its contributors by allowing them to post free advertising on the bottom of their article. This may not seem like much but your article my be potentially viewed by thousands of people on the internet allowing one to advertise to a large group for zero dollars.

2. This is another absolutely free way to advertise on the internet. If you are unfamiliar with googlegroups it is pretty much a compilation of email groups. Some you have to request to join and some are open to everyone. This is a great way to find people who might be interested in ones product. It is free to join and free to advertise.

3. This is my favorite way to advertise. In the age of the computer people and businesses have completely forgotten the grass roots of advertising. People no longer put up fliers or leave business cards. vistaprint is a great company that sells super cheap, even free business cards. You can buy 250 free business cards from vista print for free. You will truly be surprised when you see how effective it is to drop a few business cards a day while you run your errands.

So there you go 3 great ways to advertise for free using the internet. I have discovered how useful they are and I hope do to.

How to Grow Your Business Using Different Advertising Strategies

Do you know that you have to design extremely successful business advertising techniques if you want your trade to grow? A number of advertising strategies can be used in this relation. A number of techniques are used by companies. However, these techniques vary with the product category and targeted customers. In terms of category, there are two main options available to the companies. Either they can promote their products through offline methods or they can use online procedures. In my opinion, online advertisements gather more attention than offline ones. These days, people do not pay attention to billboards and banners. However, they do not browse websites and check their email several times a day. Thus, internet marketing and email marketing are two methods which can be used. Let’s have a look at how these methods are implemented.

Internet advertising offers a number of options to the companies. One of them is designing attractive banners and uploading them on different websites. Certain websites are accessed by a lot of people on day to day basis. You can design a good looking banner with your company name and a brief description of your product. Along with that, you can provide a link for the detailed description. Some customers would click the link while the others would leave the page after glancing at the banner.

Another example of business advertising is email marketing. The companies which are promoting their products send emails on a very large scale to the customers. However, most of these emails go in the spam folder and people do not read them. Even if these emails are received in the inbox, people do not read them because they are sent from unknown email addresses. Thus, email marketing cannot be termed as a very successful idea.

Internet marketing is a very innovative idea for business advertising. In addition to that, it is fast paced. Along with, online marketing campaigns can be created in a shorter time span as compared to the traditional ones. Thus, if you are looking to promote your product on a major scale, this is one of the business advertising options which you can look at.

The selection of marketing options depends on the product. A company has to analyze the market and get an idea about the target audience before designing a marketing campaign. Thus, there are a lot of things which have to be considering for corporate advertising.